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Intercoms began as simple communication devices connecting different rooms of a facility and have now become a major part of our home or organization’s security system. Today, intercoms can perform various functions such as intruder lockdown and video door answering, they can also restrict access to certain rooms within a building. At Eastern Alarms, we provide quality intercoms for your home or commercial property. We have many years of experience installing intercoms in Prince Edward Island.

Due to the latest advancements, intercoms are no longer what they used to be. Voice-only systems, multi-conductor cables and laborious installation techniques have paved way to IP-based, wireless intercom systems. 

Full Range of Intercoms

Intercoms come in various forms, including single-button buzzer and multi-button systems. Whether residential or commercial, these intercoms are suitable for all types of buildings. Our products when installed by experts add an incredible amount of value to your place.

Did you know that you can release the front door by using your smartphone? With the advancement of technology and improvements made in intercom design, you can now sit in the comfort of your home and open the door.

Opt for security by getting an intercom installed at your property today. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information now. 

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